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Best Online Marketing Book
"A simple process that ANY company can use to geometrically improve their traffic, conversion and sales online."
Tony Robbins
Dot Com Secrets - The Ultimate Internet Marketing Resource
This book literally TRANSFORMED
my online business
Best Authority/Branding Book
"Expert Secrets is The Map that will allow you to turn your Specialized Knowledge, Talents and Abilities into a Business that will work for you! This is One Of The Shortcuts of The New Rich" Robert Kiyosaki
Expert Secrets - Ultimate Personal Branding Book
The Funnel Cook Book
THE recipe book for creating proven money-making online sales funnels.  Simply follow the recipes and build proven high-converting funnels
The PERFECT Webinar Script
Has made the author $30 million in sales to date using this proven script!
The PERFECT Webinar Script
Best Split Test Book
Dozens of simple tweaks that increase your online sales...
108 Proven Split Test Winners
Best LinkedIn Tips & Tricks eBook
Proven strategies to get more sales via LinkedIn, without paying for Premium!
LinkedIn Sales Secrets
Funnel Scripts
AMAZING software that writes killer sales headlines, bullets, advertisements and website copy for you...
LinkedIn Secrets Mastermind
My PRIVATE community for discovering LinkedIn Lead Generation Secrets...
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Automated Social Media Campaigns
"MISSINGLETTR is a Pro quality tool that creates a 12 month social media campaign automatically from your blog or feed.  This tool DRAMATICALLY increased engagements with my content"  Philip Calvert
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Use Customer Reviews To Get You MORE Sales
"Morevago displays Sticky Reviews on your website and lets your customers generate referrals for you!  I LOVE this!" 
Philip Calvert
Bluetooth Microphone For Smartphones
A revolution in audio and video recording...  If you're a speaker, trainer, consultant or expert who speaks, you'll wish you'd owned this years ago...
Hey Mic!
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Click Funnels
"Enabling People To Grow Their Companies Through Proven Sales Funnels"
Inside Your Free Trial ClickFunnels Account Are Dozens Of Types Of Funnels That Are Scientifically Proven To Turn Website Visitors Into Customers.
You're ready to turn website visitors into customers, aren't you?
  • Want to capture leads so you can sell them products or services, sell the leads outright or both? There’s a funnel for that!
  • Do you sell a product...?
  • Do you sell a service...?
  • Do you sell to other businesses...?
There's a Funnel for that!  And much more...
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